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Covid 19

The Covid 19 has us all wondering what is going on. My first thought was God is greater than this and wanted to adopt a fearless approach to it. I didn't, as in my mind was on other bible versus too, telling me, do not tempt the Lord your God, and then, time and tide happens to all men, and finally the sunshine and rain fall on all. What has been your take on all of this?

Mr Odom's Music

Mr Odom's Music

News from Houston Texas where Mr Odom is still recording and finding new inspiration during this difficult time. Mr O's latest new release is 'He didn't have to do it, but he did.' 


September so end and Autumn will be upon us once again. What are you plans for time of year?


We are thinking of setting up our recording office but for very limited sessions.


We are booked now to March 2021 which is great.


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Sorry for an slow responses but this is a difficult time and things are not always possible as they used to be.

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