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Most budding songwriters dream of their first composition becoming a global success. Usually it remains a dream: For Dave Bilbrough, Abba Father became a giant step into international music-writing recognition.

Now, four decades in full-time Christian ministry and numerous albums later, he is recognised as one of Britain's foremost worship leaders and songwriters. With a wide appeal that spans all Christian denominations and networks, songs such as All Hail the Lamb, I am a new creation, Sound the Trumpet, Holy Ground, How Wonderful and Let there be Love have been a staple part of many a church's repertoire.

His latest album, "The Song that I Sing" explores the life of faith with hymn-like and folk melodies that can be sung and listened to.

The Worship Leader's Prayer
Though there is a melody to go with it, I thought I'd share with you these lyrics as a simple prayer: 
Dave Bilbrough Precious GraceGod of mercy
cause the songs I sing today
and the music that I play
to bring release

God of mercy
keep my thoughts from wealth and fame
lead me humbly in your ways
of righteousness 

For yours is the Kingdom
the power and the glory
for ever and evermore

God of mercy
Let the words of Christ ring clear,
that nothing blocks or interferes
from seeing You.

Dave Bilbrough
© 2012 Dave Bilbrough Songs