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The debut compilation album "The Baptism" celebrates the beginning of a journey for (The Lion's Den). For every artist featured on the album it was either their first time recording, or their first time recording gospel music with the youngest artist Just Julia being 15 years old while recording.  

The title refers to the beginning of a journey and a walk with Christ. The album is entirely produced by (The Lion's Den) CEO J. Walker, who doubles as a Christian rap artist on the album. To emphasize how early on in the careers of these artists we are, at the beginning of the recording process none of the artists had names.

The Lions Den - The BaptismThe album tries to be accessible to both secular and Christian listeners. The genres we hear constantly change but the Christian message stays the same throughout. The album doesn't pretend to be anything other than Christian gospel music with the Christian vocabulary boldly appearing in titles and choruses all over the album. Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, RnB and Contemporary Gospel are mixed together by the diverse artists the label has to offer.   

The close relationship of the group means that artist could be called upon to assist and support each other on individual tracks, that a Godly a productive environment was present throughout the creation of the album. Martha Noelle and Just Julia are sisters and Just Julia has known God's Mic for a number of years. Many of the artists also attend church together every Sunday.  

The (TLD) logo of the man kneeling praying in the presence of the lion features heavily on the album cover, and a river symbolic of a baptism can be seen in the background. The album is available digitally from all good outlets and as a CD from the (TLD) website, www.tldmusic.com.