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Willie Odom SR aka Mr 'O' Yes Jesus Loves MeAlthough while Mr. O is working on his Reggae Gospel EP at the end of last year 2011 Willie Odom Sr. release a single on soundcloud for free download... CD: title  On the Jazz Side. 2 selections (Jazz Inst)
  55MPH    and   Yes Jesus Love Me.    Now playing on several radio station, and downloaded by many...check it out on Soundcloud  or go to his website.

Willie Odom SR aka Mr 'O' Reggae Gospel Music ArtistIt takes much more than music, to make music. There has to be something deeper, a driving, motivating, force that gives purpose to the melodies and rhythms. This motivation is necessary; even if the artist doesn’t know it exists. Willie Odom Sr., artist, musician, producer, and writer, has worked for decades in the music business on projects ranging from gospel to indie rock, with his two latest release, Please Don't Quit and Compassion ( Flaverz)... but the driving kick drums of reggae rifts always seemed to call to him. The Jamaican influence ran deep, but for years he begin to suspect there was more than just music. He had no idea that one revelation would change everything.

These roots are doing just that in his latest single, “Where you gonna run”, a reggae inspired groove. Much like his own roots, he sings how people can’t hide from themselves, and especially cannot hide from God’s truth. Delroy Washington, a producer (London England UK) who worked with Bob Marley as co-songwriter and musician, has put his fine touch to this project, which has blistering solos and a message for everyone to hear. Mr. Odom is set to continue his quest. However, things are a different now. It’s not just music. It’s who he is. Willie Odom Sr. aka Mr.O Reggae Gospel Artist and composer.

Willie Odom gospel music artist and producerWhen asked, "who are some of his greatest influences in music", he doesn’t hesitate to express his love for Alicia Keys, Grammy Award winning, R&B artist and musician/singer Sade, jazz recording artist George Benson, Hank Crawford, Jimmie McDuff, and the late Conrad Johnson of Houston Texas. Some may say that Willie Odom is ole school but let him tell it, he is anything but old! His church home Bible Church OF Holiness in Houston where he’s been a 20yr plus musician. Mr. Odom has a heart love for London England and yes he’s been there, here a few times and again soon.