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It may be a surpraise to find out that those who are Christians in the UK in 2013 are now one of the smallest minorities. There have been other times like these, but none that we have had to live through, or where the calling is specifically on us.

2013 brings many new hopes and one of the most precious and exciting is that of revival for indeed there will be a great and mighty outpouring in these days, and we need to be ready to share God's word and be there for these people hungry for what God is offering.

We need to steel ourselves now to commit to this calling. The calling of being there, and speaking up, of taking back the ground now so quickly consumed by this present world, its fads, religions, advertising, and junk. It is time to be the light in that dark place, and the salt to heal, flavour and purify a hurting, hungry and unclean people. Be yourself and be easy but learn to speak up and ask the simple question, to say the simple things, yes Jesus loves you.

Also be brave to greet those you see doing it, encourage and congratulate and let them know they are not alone. That person reading the bible the tube may be doing their personal devotions, but let them know their are not alone.

I know it was a Thursday that I stood on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona looked down off an unprotected edge 4000 feet to the tiny Colarado River winding it way far below. And I remember that in the vastness of this awesome canyon I could so easily dissappear, falling into the vastness and tumbling down these huge cliffs. It was not about my own mortaliy or suicide or even health & safety, just the wonder of this amazing canyon formed by this tiny river. Sure the flow of the river has been drastically changed by the dam (the Hoover Dam started 1931 and completed 1935) but still these massive rocks cut through and down so deep by water. It is a wonder for sure, and I know to persevere and keep doing can reap rewards and make huge differences, but this I see is prayer, and praise & worship that needs to flow from us daily eroding the rock of society and hardness of ourselves and others, with God's love. Though I counsel now please prayer and worship as your devotions and not as the testiment of God's word, for God simply spoke the Word and we also when speaking to others must simply speak the word of life.

Inspired Clouds by Ian Lloyd
Photographs by Ian Lloyd

Fresh from Vera Lusk
You are not alone - For God is with you.
You are not defenseless - For God is your protector.
You are not inadequate - For God is your sufficiency.
You are not useless - For God has a purpose for your life.
You are not worthless - For God sent His Son to die for you.
You are not without hope - For God has a place prepared for you.
You are not unloved - For God loves you with an everlasting love.
You are not rejected, or abandoned - For God calls you His own.

"I will never fail you. I will never abandon you." So we can say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?"


We Recommend the following for your encouragement and inspiration this week picked from some of the best Christian music and new releases - Be Blessed!

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Great Reading

British Black Gospel History by Steve Smith"'British Black Gospel' by Steve Smith is quite simply a must read for anyone who has the slightest interest in the development of this musical genre in Britain. How fascinating to learn that so many of our current leaders, preachers, Gospel and R&B artists are also pioneers of British Black Gospel. It is amazing that this is a first book on the subject and I hope that there is more to come from Steve and others, further exploring this musical legacy." Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, Churches Together in England.