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We are very pleased to present to you this new album from a rising Christian artist who literally is travelling the length and breath of the UK to encourage worship, this lady is of UK Praise & Worship leader... Madeleine Kerzner.

Madeleine Kerzner is a local and international worship leader, as well as an ordained Pastor of the Family of God Church in Manchester. She has led worship for conferences and crusades all over Africa, including at the inauguration ceremonies of two African Presidents. In the late 1990s she moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, to help plant a church and whilst continuing to lead worship she was also learning songs in Zulu and Swana!

'The Great I Am' is Madeleine's second album. She previously released 'Nation 2 Nation Volume 1' in 2002. Back in the UK Madeleine has recorded with Noel Robinson and is part of a team with Noel which has birthed The Kingdom Worship Movement. The first event, called Renewal London, was held in January 2009 and was followed by Renewal Manchester in July 2009 and Renewal London in January 2010. The next Renewal event was in Birmingham on the 18th and 19th June 2010.

The album starts off with 'Raise The Standard Of His Kingdom'. We were surprised by this song. We don't really know much of Madeleine's music so we didn't know what to expect. This song took us back to the 80's from the music production to the vocals and it took us a while to get a feel for where she was coming from. However, as the song went on, we warmed to it and started to enjoy it more. It's very polished and clean sounding which gives it a fresh vibe. This song is a reminder about the Love of God and how His banner over us is love because sometime's as Christian's (believe or not) we can sometimes forget that. As new listener's to her music this song didn't quite tell us who she is as an artist or what direction this album would take, however that's not always a bad thing. We're expecting some pleasant surprises.

'Unity' is a reggae song featuring one of our favourite rapper's, Jahaziel. From the out-set it gets your head nodding and like all good reggae songs, makes you feel good. Half-way through, the song switches up to a Jewish vibe that really surprised us. It was something different and it really worked well and it let us know more about who Madeleine is as an artist.

'The Great I Am' is the title track for the album so we were expecting a lot from it. The song started off with Madeleine singing over soft music which gave us a chance to hear her voice more. She has a very strong voice, the kind that you'd hear on classic rock albums. The song lived up to its expectations and is a beautiful worship song reminding us that Jesus is "The Great I Am, Lord Of All, Redeeming Love That Saves The World". Only He can redeem and save us and that alone makes you want to thank Him for His mercy and grace. This is definitely a song for corporate worship based on the simple melody and even just the very nature of the lyrical content (which is beautiful by the way).