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We believe in a Gospel Music Industry in the UK led by Christian Companies and individuals. Business is business, what is it being delivered is life changing material to open hearts. Those involved must have a heart for God's things and the effective and sincere delivery of all that which uses Christianity as the basis for what is being done.

Gospel Frontiers was established as a limited company in October 2003 and builds on wide and extensive experience and training in the ministry, praise and worship leading, song writing, business management and project management by its Managing Director, Ian Lloyd.

Gospel Frontiers spread its wings in 2010 with greater involvement in the Gospel Music Industry in the UK, and in providing a range of improved and diverse services and now taking this into 2011 with a greater focus on serving the industry as a whole. We are inspired by todays generation of Gospel Artists who are wonderful ambassadors and deliver a powerful message with directness and humour to a wide diversity of music forms.

Advertising Christian and Gospel Music Events or your album release

If you would like to send us flyers of your events or samples of your CD or single then then we would like to assist you and if possible post these on Gospel Frontiers.co.uk so email us for details at info@gospelfrontiers.co.uk

We offer free independent artist information and album listings on the site with only for small fee for front page feature. You need to let us know about what you are doing.

Gospel Frontiers is growing and developing. We want to praise the Lord Jesus and rejoice with the good work of gospel singers and choirs everywhere. God Bless you.

We are constantly on the go and as such we are contactable on the go most of the time.

Contact details - email gospelfrontiers@hotmail.com

SKYPE - Contact me at Gospelfrontiers on Skype.com and talk for free Skype to Skype - this is a great way to connect and contact us

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