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Isabella is a uniquely anointed minstrel with an intense passion for God and people. Her warm, authentic and likeable personality, coupled with her distinct ministry, has won people's hearts and endeared her to supporters across racial, cultural, denominational and generational boundaries. The multi-talented multiple award winning artiste has ministered in songs in conferences across Europe, America and Africa. Her songs are played on TV across continents and she has gained followership from all over the world and has been heavily featured across many international platforms.

Her debut album, Lost Without You, was released in October 2009, followed by two further releases, Heaven's Anthem and My Tori Don Change (Afro-Gospel) in 2012. We are pleased and excited to announce that Isabella is due to release her fourth album (Hala) and fifth album (All That I am) in February 2014.

Over the last four years, Isabella has won various awards and is highly respected in the Gospel Music circle in the UK and Africa. Some of the awards she has won include:
December 2013 - Best Female Artiste in Diaspora (Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2013)
July 2013 - Artiste of The Year, Europe (Africa Gospel Music Awards 2013)
June 2013 - Woman of Praise Awards UK 2013 December 2012 - Best Female Artiste in Diaspora (Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2012) Outstanding contribution to Worship Music (Praisetek Gospel Music Award 2012)

She has also been nominated for many other awards including Prayze Factor Awards 2014 (USA), BEFFTA 2013, Crystal Awards 2013, Women 4 Africa 2013, Nigeria Gospel Music Video Awards 2013, Sceptre Awards 2013 etc. In August 2013, Isabella published her first book titled "The Worshipper After The Father's Heart". The foreword to her book was written by the world renowned worship leader, Terry MacAlmon. Her book and music are available from all major online music and book stores.

VIDEOS Artiste: Isabella Song Title: Hala (Shout)
Genre: Afro-Gospel Album Title: Hala (10 songs)
Release Date: Video released in December 2013, Audio to be released February 2014
Video Link: Click here to view

Artiste: Isabella Song Title: All That I am
Genre: Contemporary Worship Album Title: All That I am (12 songs)
Release Date: Video released in January 2014, Audio to be released February 2014
Video Link:click here to view it

AUDIO DOWNLOADS You may find out more about Isabella on her website www.isabellamelodies.com. Audio files and snippets of all her songs are available in her website.

John 4:23-24..."But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

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Visit our worship music website: www.isabellamelodies.com or email us: info@isabellamelodies.com