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Now more than ever it is necessary for Christian around the world to unite and to stand together. To support and inpsire each other and strenghten our testimony of love and peace. It is time to change, time to reconsider what it is all about. It is time for those that call themselves Christians to start being just that, and bringing the Gospel, the good newsin action that is inspiring. Are we living lifes that are worth imitating?

If your church were to dissappear from its community would anyone miss it?

Telling questions that we must ask ourselves and see what we can do be just that, individually living a life worth imitating, and being part of a church that if it wasn't there would be missed by the community.

It is our calling now to promote the Gospel and bring you some essential truths about the faith which can literally change your life and the people about you. So little by little we will be bringing information about the faith, we really feel there is a need for Christianity to be better understood and accepted better.

Why Jesus?

We will be looking at this and the salvation that Jesus has made available to all, everyone.

The Christian Faith
Yes it is faith because it has been made possible by the actions and work of someone else, that someone is Jesus Christ. Jesus became a sacritfice for sin, and rose alive victorious and later ascended to glory to shed forth the Holy Ghost, the Comforter that Jesus spoke about.

It is faith because we believe in the redemptive work of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in believers lives, and there is nothing that we can do change or improve that. It is finished, amen. Many religions seek to do rituals and service as a way to prove their worthiness to God, but God does not want that after the supreme sacrifice has been made. God wants us to live in the newness of the life Jesus gave and Spirit of God.