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Karen Jules Gospel Music Indie artistKaren Jules is a Christian Artist with a musician's heart. A writer, addressing the world we live in through eyes that know that God is real. Done with a voice that can speak to hearts, simply by its sound, even without the words. Karen’s first experimentation with music was as a Hip Hop inspired poet and rapper driven by the socially reflective wordplay of the second golden era of 1990's hip hop. While her love for thoughtful lyrics would stay with her, it was her singing voice that would prove to be her gift. Along the way Karen discovered lyrics and melodies which reached more deeply into her heart, bringing listeners into her prayer closet– ultimately resonating with their own personal experiences in powerful ways.

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Karen Jules Gospel Music ArtistComfortable over a variety of sounds, Karen brings questions about AIDS and gun violence, stories of friendship and disappointment in relationships, and the presence of God's light and touch of destiny in all of us over a backdrop which ranges from jazzy instrumental to head-nodding soul, and even house. With more songs written then she has time to record, Karen is now carefully selecting the pieces that she will share with the world in her up-coming full album due in spring 2010.

Karen Jules Creation Groans EP Gospel Music‘Creation Groans the EP’ is the musical debut into the world scene. Comprised of a sound that is soulful, with a ‘HipHopesque’ edge to it. Karen uses this backdrop to explore the stories and real life experiences she and so many others face: through it all, she consistently delivers a message of the hope and peace experienced trough her relationship with God. As a writer and Co producer of each track she delivers a message of encouragement in trying times. Featuring collaborations with some of TO’s most talented up coming producers and musicians, Creation Groans is a display of creativity that God has placed within his children, and is a n inspiration to all to seek Him and walk in their own great purpose.